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The International Legal Forum is a nonprofit, proactive legal hub, centralizing efforts of lawyers, organization and activists worldwide, in their fight to promote justice, peace and equality in Israel and the Middle East. The ILF provides them with the much-needed knowledge, strategic planning, research and international network in order to successfully tackle human rights violations, radical ideologies, terror and the BDS movement.


It is only in the past few years that groups and individuals have begun to try and advance these objectives. Yet many of them lack resources, experience, information and a broader perspective, leaving them to essentially fight this relatively new and important battle alone. We believe that joined efforts create leveraged relationships and therefore are a true necessity in the creation of true, sustainable change. That is why we are dedicated to providing thousands of lawyers, organization and activists with the tools they need, whether openly or covertly and to incorporating them in our own initiatives, thus creating a global network of shared enterprises.


The ILF was founded by a group of lawyers and activists on the basis of a successful domestic forum, active for over ten years and its head offices are located in Jerusalem. We cooperate with over 1,300 lawyers, organizations and activists worldwide, alongside many key stakeholders and world government officials in over 20 different countries, including US congressmen, European Parliament officials and members of knesset and Israeli government Ministries.


What We Do:

The ILF uniquely incorporates theory and execution; we locate and are approached with different global needs, devise appropriate courses of action in a creative, pro-active manner, provide relevant sources of information, serve as a liaison between different relevant entities and finally ensure each and every action's effectiveness.



Our Methods Include:

- UN and parliamentary work;
initiating legislations and resolutions; calibrating and assisting with proposed legislations and promoting changes in resolutions originally based on false or misleading information.

- Litigation;
initiating global legal actions, assisting with existing legal procedures and improving on the accuracy of laws and their interpretations.


- Public opinion;
influencing popular belief through publicizing legal documents, essays and reports in the media, exposing information and making it accessible to the general public.



The only way to win this battle is by joining forces - now is your chance to join us too!

When you become our partner, you become a part of a special global task force consisting of people fighting for what is right in the region and in the world. Changing the battle for human rights. Together.







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